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Silicon Valley has identified technology and related business as an area of focus for economic development since its inception. In recent months, despite years of downturn, technology employment has seen a dramatic increase and continues to be the hope for permanent economic vitality.

Working in the Innovation Lab while gaining employable experience will give you the necessary skills and understanding to be part of the future workforce. This experience provides a competitive advantage in the job market.

Interested in working with a high tech company while you take classes at Mission College? If so, start the process by applying for the program. Application to the program will put your name and experience into the database for consideration. Internships can provide you with credit units and/or stipend depending on the company and the project.

  • To get started, you need to complete New Intern Registration.

  • If you are already registered and would like to continue your application or apply for open positions, proceed to the Login below.

  • To browse or search through available internships without registering, use Search For Internships below.


It has been a great experience to work for EdNovo during my spring semester 2012. This job and the people I work for have gone above and beyond my expectations by treating me not just a student, but as an actual employee.
June Wang
EdNovo project

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