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WELCOME to Our Mission College Center MC²IT

Mission College has renewed their commitment to supporting companies in Silicon Valley by creating the Mission College Center for Innovation and Technology (MC²IT). The Center will allow students, active high-tech professionals, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to work together and learn while solving real-world technology problems.

Our Programs

MC²IT current programs and offerings include:

  • An intern program to provide students with current industry experience
  • Technology Innovation Lab
    Industry, entrepreneurs, educators, and students collaborate to develop & test new ideas
  • Entrepreneurial Training & Support
    Offering business education and training, in conjunction with corporate partners and established entrepreneurs, to students and in process entrepreneurs
  • Speaker Series
    A venue whereby technology and business leaders share their experience, knowledge gained and critical success factors with the students, faculty, and friends of Mission College.
  • Community Workshops and opportunities to learn entrepreneurial expertise and best practices

Get Involved with MC²IT

Help build the high tech industry in Silicon Valley by becoming an MC²IT sponsor today.

There are several ways you can get involved:
  • Hire our graduates.
    You will save training time by hiring students with legitimate work experience and at the same time be a support to our program.
  • Donate to our program.
    You can donate money for salaries, equipment and endowments.
  • Create a student scholarship in your company's name.
    This allows us to attract the brightest high-school students into our program.
  • Become a research partner by supplying a back burner project.
    Assessment of student to project compatibility part of the MC²IT service.
  • Sponsor an MC²IT summer internship for our high-school interns
    Contact our project director today to arrange for a visit and discuss potential partnership opportunities!

Apply Now!

Interested in working with a high tech company while you take classes at Mission College? If so, start the process by applying for the program.


It has been a great experience to work for EdNovo during my spring semester 2012. This job and the people I work for have gone above and beyond my expectations by treating me not just a student, but as an actual employee.
June Wang
EdNovo project

Support MC²IT!

MC²IT requests your support of our unique non-profit which includes components such as:

  • Intern Program
  • Professional Workshops
  • Speaker Series Program
  • Innovation Lab
  • Contract Education
  • Entrepreneur and Leadership Academy.